Model United Nations
    Advisors: Larry Holland
                      Mara Saulitis
    Meetings:  In normal times in Mr. Holland's Room, #328, but for now by zoom. If you want to attend a meeting to learn about and/or join MUN, send an email from your frogrock account to Mr. Holland and we will put you on the email list that will provide you with the zoom link. Our meetings are on Monday evenings starting at 6:30pm.
    Join a diverse group of motivated students to learn about the United Nations and to gain the skills of negotiation, compromise, public speaking and global citizenship. We will be preparing for local, regional and international Model UN conferences that for the time being will be conducted by zoom. A MUN training conference (for new members) will take place in late October and the first regional conference, PACMUN, will be in late November. 
    Welcoming new and returning members from all grades and experience levels.