My Dad and I on Father's Day 2013
Coaching Inline (Roller) Hockey
At the beach
Farragut State Park, ID
Mountain Biking - ID
Mountain Biking - Ft. Flagler

Meet Mr. Harris

  • 1968: Born in Seattle, WA

    1973: Started Kindergarten in Mrs. Dunn's PM class (I later worked with Mrs. Dunn at Wilkes)

    1986: Graduated from Bainbridge High School - Joined the US Army

    1989: Got married

    1990: Discharged from active duty and enlisted in WA Army National Guard - Began working in the BISD as a paraeducator at Ordway (and later Commodore Middle School)

    1994: Graduated from Saint Martin's - 6th grade teaching experience in Tumwater, WA (spring)

    1994: Began teaching at Wilkes Elementary (1st, 2nd, 4th grades)

    1999: Began teaching at Sakai (Math & Science - partnered with Jim Starrs)

    2004: Began working with Amy Evans and Kasey Jeffers (retired) - 1st 3-person team at Sakai

    2014: Began working with Heather Barrett, Amy Evans, and Jim Starrs

    2017: Began working at Woodward Middle School STEM/CTE: Computer Tech/Video Production, Pre-Engineering)

    Since joining the National Guard in 1990, I have had 4 tours of active duty...


    Other Tidbits:

    • I grew up on Bainbridge Island, and am a second-generation BHS Grad (my mom graduated in 1965).
    • This fall, I have been married 34 years.
    • We have two kids - one is in the USMC, and the other is a BHS 2022 Grad who is doing nursing.
    • My family loves dogs, the outdoors, roller coasters, and hockey! Detroit is Hockeytown and home of the best team in the NHL. Go Red Wings! #LGRW #hockeytown
      (I'm pretty excited about the Seattle Kraken as well  - it has been awesome having an actual "home" team!)
    • Before Seattle had a football team and I became a Seahawks fan, I was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (don't hate on me).
    • Before Seattle had a baseball team, I was a Boston Redsox fan (again, don't hate on me).
    • I am a lifelong Seattle Supersonics fan who does not buy Starbucks and does not root for the Oklahoma City Thunder - I am still dreaming of the NBA's triumphant return.