Analyzing the Modern World (Online)


    Analyzing the Modern World is designed to establish a foundation of social studies skills through an in-depth study of a non-Western region of the world. The Middle East is the case study for this course due to its contemporary relevance in applying media literacy skills to analyze current events and multiple perspectives of primary and secondary sources. The region also helps to lay a foundation for historical context and connections to themes that will be addressed in 10th grade Modern World History. Students will study historical and cultural aspects of the Middle East that address common misconceptions of the region, the impacts of interactions with the West, and major current issues in the news. This course is not a comprehensive history. Instead, the overarching goal is for students to become better informed about the underlying factors impacting an extremely complex region, grapple with potential resolutions to current conflicts, and become empowered to participate in the dialogue around a region that continues to play a significant role in our world today.