• Welcome to AP English Literature and Composition! 

    You will need the following for class:
    1. Your summer reading responses
    2. A composition book that is just for English; you will use it for in-class writing
    3. An English binder or a section of a larger binder devoted to English 
    4. Your BISD chromebook or similar device in proper working order so you can fully participate

    You may also find Post-it notes to be helpful for marking places you'd like to annotate.

    Students, please make sure that you join the correct section of our Google Classroom.

    The class codes for spring semester 2021 are:

    Period1a: 6jqg66w     Period1b: x57m22f

    Period2a: dwrelhq      Period2b: uzso7fk

    Period4a: goatxa5      Period4b: ssm3m4j


    The class codes for fall semester 2020 are:

    Period1a:  kj6oczf        Period1b:  bht2ika 

    Period2a:  fzl7nha        Period2b:  nwuwqpy

    Period4a:  d52yoln       Period4b:  jbjmx2z