Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

     To establish a context for BYOD, we start with our district's Technology and Learning Mission Statement:
    It is the mission of the Bainbridge Island School District Technology Program,
    in partnership with the community,
    to support all students and all staff in the effective use of current and emerging technologies
    as tools to live and learn, now and in the future.
    The Bainbridge Island School District (BISD) supplies the technology used by students and staff to conduct school work and business on a regular basis. Student technology users increase their comfort level with technology as they use more types of devices and use them on a frequent basis. The use of personally-owned devices can increase access to technology, in and out of the classroom. This helps students embrace emerging technologies and use technology effectively and efficiently. The practice of bringing a personally owned device to school for school work is called Bring Your Own Device or BYOD.
    To support technology use, the district offers the option of BYOD for students in grades 5-12 based on the educational program and what students need to meet learning goals. Classroom teachers determine the extent to which personally owned devices will benefit students. Participation in BYOD is completely voluntary for teachers and students. BYOD can not be required for teachers or for students. In most cases, the teacher will communicate information to students and their families about the opportunity for BYOD based on educational goals in the classroom. While students and parents sign a Responsible Use of Electronic Resources Agreement (see below) periodically during the K-12 career, teachers and their students may develop a classroom agreement to further clarify BYOD parameters. If at anytime, parents/guardians have questions about BYOD for their child, please contact your child's teacher or the school principal.
    The BISD has open wi-fi to support the use of personally owned devices on our campuses. All use of the BISD network must be in compliance with the district's policies and procedures.
    Resources about BYOD in our district: