• Bainbridge High School Mission Statement

    Our NEW BHS Mission!

    Bainbridge High School Belief Statement

    A.     Students & the learning process
             1.     Each student is a unique and valued individual.
             2.     All students can learn, achieve and succeed.
             3.     Students are challenged to think independently.
             4.     Students are taught to respect themselves, other students and staff.
             5.     School is a safe and constructive environment.
    B.     Curriculum and instruction
             1.     A comprehensive and diverse education produces a well-rounded individual.
             2.     Instruction should be geared to different learning styles with a variety of methods.
             3.     Challenging expectations increase student outcomes.
             4.     Skilled educators who are passionate about their subject matter promote learning.
             5.     Effective planning, presentation and assessment foster excellence in learning. 

    C.       Community

             1.     Students, parents, educators and community share the responsibility for education.
             2.     Communication with parents is essential. 
             3.     Cultural diversity increases student understanding of the community and the world. 
             4.     Students should give back to the community.