• Greetings Seniors! We look forward to working with you as you apply for post-high school opportunities. Below you will find links to helpful information.
    Please make an appointment with Trish Corsetti or Ryan Abshere to discuss options and a plan of support for the college application process. 
    Things to know!
    Career Counselor
    Did you know BISD has a Career Counselor? Lia Swanson is our CTE certified career counselor who has access to many industry and occupational resources. She is available to work with all grade levels. Please visit her website for more information
    PSAT: Saturday October 14
    For students who took the PSAT:
    College Board released scores to student email addresses. Please be sure to check the email address you listed on your answer sheet for instructions on how to access your score. For students who already have a College Board account, you can log in to access your score report. Students who do not have a College Board account will need to create one by following the directions here. Please check out the following websites for more information. Questions? Contact your counselor! 
    Beyond BHS Event (March 2nd, 2023)
    Beyond BHS is an annual event presented by the BHS Counseling Team and features representatives from 4-year colleges, community colleges and vocational programs. This virtual event is designed to give students and families information about a variety of post-high school options. All BHS and EHHS students are invited to participate but the presentations are geared towards 10th & 11th grade students. Presentation topics include; Navigating the College Application Process, Finding the Right Fit- College Search, How to Connect with Colleges, Private School Application process, Public School Application Process, Military Academies & ROTC, Financial-Aid/FAFSA. Community College Experience, and Technical and Apprentice Programs. 
    Below are a few of the presentations given by BHS Counselors and community representatives from our previous events. We hope the information is useful in helping to plan for life after high school! 
    Parents of Juniors and Seniors- Financial Aid information
    This fall, our regional Financial Aid officer offered a virtual financial aid workshop called  A-Z of Financial Aid
    If you missed this wonderfully informative presentation, click here to view a recording of the workshop.
    A few forms that may be handy during this process
    College Tracking Form - this form is for your own use