• Instructional Support Services Program Review

    During the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years, the Bainbridge Island School District Instructional Support Services will participate in a department review.  Puget Sound Educational Services District (PSESD) is working with BISD to facilitate this review process.  The major questions to be addressed by the ISS Review Committee (ISSRC) are:

    • How can the Bainbridge Island School District provide a coherent and effective model of services for students requiring additional support to participate in and benefit from the general education curriculum?
    • How can the Bainbridge Island School District provide a coherent and effective special education model of services for students with disabilities who require additional support to participate in and benefit from the general education curriculum and special education?
    May Update:  The ISSRC provided an Executive Summary and Presentation to the School Board on May 28, 2015.  These documents summarize the work completed by the ISSRC during the 2014-2015 school year.  To review the Instructional Support Services Program Review summary binder, please contact the Special Services office at 842-2907.
    March Update:  On March 12th, the ISSRC invited Mike Jacobsen, retired Director of Assessment/Curriculum at White River School District, to speak about Response to Intervention. Mike has many years of experience directing White River's comprehensive, district-wide RTI process including universal screening, progress monitoring, research-based interventions and problem solving.  He discussed with ISSRC committee members the Essential Elements of Response to Intervention.  
    January and February Updates:  Notes from the ISSRC Special Ed Subcommittee meetings on January 9th, January 22nd, and February 6th are posted below.  Also posted below are the ISS Review Committee's update to the School Board on January 15th, and update to BISD Staff on February 9th.
    December Update:  Notes from the ISSRC Special Ed Subcommittee and the ISSRC Steering committee meetings on December 4th are posted below. 
    November Update:  The ISSRC Special Ed Subcommittee met on November 5th with consultants Gordy Linse and Val Lynch. Mr. Linse and Ms. Lynch participated in the PSESD review process during the 2013-14 school year.  Both Mr. Linse and Ms. Lynch have recently retired from PSESD and will be working with the Special Ed Subcommittee regularly to facilitate the program review process. See meeting notes posted in table below.
    October Update (revised 11/2/14):  The ISSRC Special Ed Subcommittee met on October 22nd.  The Special Ed Subcommittee reviewed the notes from the Parent Community Input meeting and Special Education Staff survey results.  See meeting notes, parent input and survey results posted in table below.  The ISSRC 7-12 RTI Subcommittee met on October 16th, and the K-6 RTI Subcommittee met on October 22nd for in-depth discussions of district assessment data, and Response to Intervention delivery models.  See meeting notes and links to information regarding RTI posted in the table below.  See ISSRC Calendar for scheduled committee meetings.  Please note these meeting are public meetings.  The public is welcome to attend, listen and observe the ISS Review Committee and subcommittee meetings.

    In order to increase parent community input into the ISSRC process, the Subcommittee on Special Education held a meeting on October 14, 2014, from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Bainbridge Island School District Board Room. This meeting followed a structured, interactive format in order to solicit input into areas of improvement regarding special education that the parent community would like the subcommittee to address. The meeting provided for Individual Think Time, Small Group Discussion, and Large Group Sharing. The ISSRC committee will use this information, along with the information from the Puget Sound ESD report and input from the district special education staff, to set priority goals.   

    Parents and staff are encouraged to continue to provide input to the committee via contact with committee members, or through the district office.  You may respond in writing via email to Bill Mosiman at wmosiman@bisd303.org, or submit written comments (anonymously if you’d like) to Galen Crawford, BISD Communications Specialist, at the District Office, at 8489 Madison Ave NE, or ggoff@bisd303.org. The ISSRC subcommittee on special education hopes you will take the opportunity to let them know what is important to you.  Several parents have already provided written input to the ISSRC.  Please see Emails from Parent Community (dated 9/30 through 10/17) for the content of these emails; personal identifiers such as email author or student name have been removed.
    The Instructional Support Services Review Committee (ISSRC) has updated the full committee membership, and formed three subcommittees. These subcommittees are: Response to Intervention Kindergarten through grade 6, Response to Intervention 7th through 12th grades, and Special Education.  The subcommittees are comprised of ISSRC members as well as additional staff members to assist in the focused work of the subcommittees.  Please see Members of ISSRC and Subcommittees for the list of revised ISSRC and the newly formed subcommittee members.
    September Update:  A representative from PSESD will be presenting their findings and recommendations to the School Board on September 25, 2014 at approximately 5:30 pm.  Please refer to the following documents for PSESD's full report and executive summary:
    Executive Summary (in summary)
    Date Action
    Meeting Notes and
    Supporting Documentation
    March, 2014
    Preliminary Work with
    Puget Sound Educational Services District (PSESD) 
    April 10, 2014School Board Presentation
    April, 2014
    PSESD Schedule for
    On-Site Visits (partial)
    PSESD On-Site Plan
    April 17, 2014
    ISSRC Meeting 4/17/14 ISSRC Meeting Notes
    June 11, 2014
    ISSRC Meeting6/11/14 ISSRC Meeting Notes
    June 19, 2014ISSRC Meeting6/19/14 ISSRC Meeting Notes
    July, 2014
    Release of ISS Program Review Report from Puget Sound Educational Services District
    September 18, 2014 ISSRC Meeting 9/18/14 ISSRC Meeting Notes
    September 25, 2014 ISSRC Meeting9/25/14 ISSRC Meeting Notes 
    September 25, 2014
    School Board Presentation by PSESD
    October 2, 2014Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting  10/2/14 Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting Notes
    October 14, 2014
    Special Ed Subcommittee Parent/Community Input Mtg
    Partial responses of Individual Think Time and Small Group Discussions (only a portion of the worksheets were available for collection following the meeting)
    Responses of Large Group Sharing 
    October, 2014
    ISSRCommittee updated and subcommittees established for RTI K-6, RTI 7-12 and Special Education
    Emails from parent community
    October 16, 2014RTI 7-12 Subcommittee Meeting10/16/14 RTI 7-12 Subcommittee Meeting Notes
    October 22, 2014
    RTI K-6 Subcommittee Meeting
    RTI resources 
    October 22, 2014
    Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting
    Special Ed Staff Survey results: all SpEd
    staff survey results and comments; includes teacher, therapists, paraeducators, school nurses, and school psychologists input;
    Certificated Staff survey results;
    Paraeducator/Classified Staff survey results  
    November 5, 2014Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting
    November 13 and 19, 2014K-6 and 7-12 RTI Subcommittee MeetingsNovember RTI Subcommittee Notes
    November 20, 2014Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting11/20/14 Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting Notes
    December 4, 2014Special Ed Subcommittee and ISSRC Steering Committee Meetings
    December 16 and 18, 2014K-6 and 7-12 RTI Subcommittee MeetingsDecember Meeting Notes
    January 9, 2015Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting1/9/15 Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting Notes
    January 15, 2015 BISD School Board Update 
    January 22, 2015 Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting
    1/22/15 Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting Notes 
    February 6, 2015Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting
    2/6/15 Special Ed Subcommittee Meeting Notes 
    February 9, 2015 Presentation to BISD Staff BISD Staff Update 
    March 12, 2015Presentation to ISSRC by Mike Jacobsen regarding Response to InterventionEssential Elements of Response to Intervention
    May 28, 2015BISD School Board Executive Summary and Presentation