With Schools closed due to COVID-19 please note the following:

    Note about fines: Please do not pay fines assessed for items that you can return. Please only pay for items that cannot be returned at a future date.

    AP Exam Payments: Please do not pay for exams your student is opting out of.  Please only pay for exams that your student is planning on taking.


    For a schedule of opportunities to return materials, please refer to the communication sent by email on May 1st or here for important information which is found on the BHS home page. 


    If you would like to be considered for financial aid for any fees that are still owing for your senior, please complete this  request form for financial aid



    As seniors prepare for graduation and beyond it is important to take note of any outstanding fines and fees that they may have as fines must be cleared before transcripts can be released to other schools and colleges and before a diploma can be released to a graduating student.
    In order to avoid fines, materials (sports equipment, uniforms, class textbooks, library books etc.) that were signed out in a student's name must be returned and payments made for lost or damaged materials and missing sports or class fees.  If your student has been assessed a fine, please see below on how it can be cleared.
    As graduation day approaches we as a staff do our best to get fines recorded into our system in a timely way.  Every effort is made to have as up to date information as possible for you to see by the Friday morning before the graduation ceremony.  It is helpful if these lists are small so if you could please ensure all books and sports equipment and the like are returned in a timely manner it is helpful in reducing the amount of data entry necessary.
    You can go to this link  at any time to see the most up to date fines we have on record for your student.  
    *   Fine payments can be made online by credit card here or by check or cash at the Accounting Office at the high school. 
    *   Please return missing materials to the Accounting Office to properly account for the items and be issued a receipt.
    *   Library books should be returned in a timely way to the library.  Once scanned in there, any overdue fines will automatically drop from the InTouch system within 48 hours.
    On rare occasions a Senior may be issued a fine after the graduation ceremony.   Please continue to check online to see if this is the case for your student.  At the end of the school year, all fines will be up to date and final as far as Seniors are concerned.