• Branding/Logo Assignment
    Objective: You will storyboard and then use Photoshop to create 3 different logos/brands that will be used on a future business website. For this assignment we will not initially worry about file size that will come in a later lesson.
    1. On paper draw out three rough drafts for logo/brand design ideas. You may design one logo/brand for three different original businesses or three brands for one business. You may not use existing businesses. These are rough drafts and do not have to be perfect or look exactly like the finished product. They have to convey the idea of what you hope the brand will look like as a finished product. Who is your target audience, how are you using line, color, typography, etc to give meaning or a feeling to your logo/brand?
    You MUST have them checked off before working on them in Photoshop.
    2. Create your three logos/brands on Adobe Photoshop. Play with your designs changing and fine tuning until you are happy with the final product.
    3. Create a 'business' folder in your J drive and then save each file as follows: logo_1, logo_2, and logo_3. You need to save as a .psd and your choice of  .jpg, .gif, .png, whichever works best with your design.