Welcome to School Health and Nursing Services

    The Bainbridge Island School District has a long-standing commitment to student health and wellness. Each school has a registered nurse available to provide a wide range of services in the educational setting.  

    Nursing Services

    If you have questions or concerns about your student's health, please contact your school nurse.

    Services Provided

     Basic Screenings

    • Vision
    • Hearing

    Health Care Services

    • Illness and injury care during the school day
    • Nursing assessment & consultation for physical and mental health
    • Health care planning for acute & chronic illnesses
    • Prescribed medication administration & monitoring
    • Emergency planning

    Health Promotion

    • Health education for students, families and educational staff
    • Advocates for prevention and wellness
    • Advocates for safe and health learning environment
    • Promotes parent/community involvement


    • Immunizations
    • Communicable diseases

    Resources & Referrals 

    • Health insurance for children and families
    • Health care for children & families
    • Family and community services

    For Parents/Guardians of students in grades 6-12

    Beginning July 2005, schools in Washington are required by the legislature to provide information at the beginning of each school year on Meningococcal Disease and the HPV virus to parents/guardians of students in grades 6-12 (RCW 28A.210.080). This includes information on:

    • Characteristics of the disease
    • How the disease is spread
    • Current vaccination recommendations
    • How to obtain additional information
    Links for more Information about Meningococcal Disease and Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
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    Health and Nursing Services
    Jenny Bale 
    Lead District School Nurse