• Technology Vision and Planning 2015-2019


    Overview of Focus Area #4: Communications & Productivity


    Goal Statement

    The Bainbridge Island School District will improve student learning by creating effective technology-based systems for communication and productivity and make efficient use of time, money and staff.  Our goal is to create effective communication methods and seek improvement in productivity in our school and office work. This goal will be measured by student, parent and staff surveys regarding the effectiveness of our communications, and by student and staff assessments of technology proficiency.



    Technology provides the opportunity to rethink not only the way in which we educate but to rethink the way in which we conduct the operational side of running school systems. The school district will look for opportunities to redesign the way in which it facilitates communication within and beyond the district to reflect the times we live in. Creating effective communications and productivity systems helps the school district to efficiently use the human and technological resources in which it has invested. Our technology investments in these systems can be leveraged to provide efficiencies that translate into making resources available for other areas that support student learning. While these systems provide support for schools and district operations, they also provide support for our learning improvement goals by keeping all stakeholders informed and engaged in the processes that contribute to improved learning for all students.


    Priority Areas and Impact on Student Learning

    5.1 Telephone and Voicemail Systems

    5.2 Networked Copiers and Printers

    5.3 Email

    5.4 Notification Systems

    5.5 District, School and Classroom Websites

    5.6 Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness

    5.7 District-Level Reporting Requirements

    5.8 Office and Support Staff Computers and Training