• Technology Vision and Planning 2015-2019


    Overview of Focus Area #3: Infrastructure and Network Systems


    Goal Statement

    The Bainbridge Island School District will create comprehensive infrastructure and network systems for learning and business operations so students and staff have access to these systems when and where they need them.



    To develop the skills necessary for success in the 21st century, student and educators need access to the Internet and technology-based learning resources. They need devices, appropriate software and resources for research, communication, multimedia content creation, and collaboration, for use in and out of school. This level of access helps educators provide learning environments and opportunities that engage each learner, fosters a passion for learning and promotes lifelong learning; anywhere, anytime.  The district must prepare its infrastructure today to support these rapidly developing technologies, and those emerging on the horizon, since they predict the level of technological proficiency that will be common place in the world for which we are preparing our students.


    Priority Areas and Impact on Student Learning

    4.1 Cabling and wiring to support networked systems 

    4.2 Servers, hardware, operating systems and databases to create networked systems

    4.3 Connectivity and bandwidth for reliable levels of network and Internet access

    4.4 Safety and security to meet federal regulations while providing access to learning resources

    4.5 Technical and Administrative Support to keep systems, equipment and applications running smoothly and meet needs of users.