• Technology Vision and Planning 2015-2019


    Overview of Focus Area #2: Teaching


    Goal Statement

    Professional educators at the Bainbridge Island School District will be supported individually and in teams by technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise, and learning experiences that enable and inspire effective teaching for all learners. Teachers will participate in an annual survey to establish levels of technology proficiency and classroom integration. Based on the Washington State Technological Proficiencies for Certified Administrators, Teachers & Teacher-Librarians, our goals are for 1) 100% of our teachers to score in the proficient level of technology skills; and 2) 100% of our classrooms to score in tiers 2 or 3 for classroom integration of technology.



    Educators who acquire expertise in teaching methods and practices create meaningful and effective learning opportunities for every student. Technology supports expertise by connecting educators to resources and information. Current and emerging technologies connect educators, anywhere-anytime, to:

    • technology-based content resources,
    • colleagues and experts around the world, and
    • students and their families.


    Priority Areas and Impact on Student Learning

    2.1 Presentation Equipment and Resources

    Classrom and large group presentation stations will allow presenters to:
    ● reach all students through current and emerging technologies
    ● share information and presentations including student work and projects
    ● access visual models and tools to teach concepts and skills
    ● access online media and information

    2.2 Computing Devices Student 

    Access to computing devices connects educators to:
    ● data and informational resources
    ● colleagues, content specialists and experts
    ● students and their families

    2.3 Professional Development 

    Professional development for educators will promote expertise by increasing:
    ● technological proficiency
    ● classroom integration of technology
    ● opportunities for all students to demonstrate progress and reach mastery