Technology Strategic Plans


    Technology and Learning Vision Statement

    The Bainbridge Island School District is committed to preparing our students to be responsible, caring, and active citizens in a rapidly changing world. In partnership with the community, the BISD will:
    • provide learning environments that use technology to engage students,
    • prepare students to adapt and thrive in creative and relevant ways,
    • facilitate the sharing of information within the local and global communities,
    • foster a skill set and global perspective required for 21st century citizens, and
    • support educators and students to adapt, change, model, and use technology tools that will foster learning.

    Technology and Learning Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Bainbridge Island School District Technology Department, in partnership with the community, to support all students and all staff in the safe, responsible and  proficient use of current and emerging technologies as tools to live and learn, now and in the future.

    Guiding Beliefs for Technology in the Bainbridge Island School District

    • Technology is a powerful tool to engage every student in learning.
    • Technology facilitates communication between students, staff, parents/guardians and the community-at-large.
    • Technology provides opportunities for collaboration.
    • Technology fosters the skill set and global perspective required for 21st century citizens to adapt and thrive.
    • The nature of technology makes it imperative to practice appropriate, safe, moral and ethical use of technology.
    • Staff are powerful users of technology.
    • Technology expands available resources by providing unique learning opportunities for creative, relevant, and purposeful learning.

    Technology Goal Statement

    The goal of the Technology Department, and its advisory and leadership teams, is to improve student learning through the use of technology by providing:
    1. access to information for all BISD students, staff and families;
    2. personalized learning opportunities;
    3. timely feedback on assessments to monitor and summarize learning;
    4. direction for staff development; and
    5. efficient and coordinated systems for communication and operations.

    Focus Areas

    Technology work and projects to meet the strategic goals and fulfill our mission and vision are organized into these areas:
    • Focus Area:  Teaching
    • Focus Area:  Learning
    • Focus Area:  Infrastructure & Network Systems
    • Focus Area:  Communications & Productivity
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