1. Please use the restroom before or after class; we only have 45 minutes of class time to work.   Please ask permission if you need to leave class for any other reason.



    2. As you arrive, pick up any materials on the entry desk on your way to find your assigned seat. (find your folder)



    3. Introduce yourself to others near your desk.



    4. Participate in all class discussions/group activities in a respectful and kind manner.



    5. Keep folder up-to-date and organized.



    6. Make good choices!  YOU are responsible for your own behaviors, assignments, and grade.




    Classroom Rules:



    Be friendly...know the names of the people near you



    Be safe.......No gum or food in class!



    Be on time......remember which is your day for Health class.



    Be productive.......find your seat quickly and start on your quote.



    Be polite.....listen respectfully and with focus when others are speaking…including the teacher!



    Be kind........respect others' opinions and comments.



    Be cooperative......we only have 45 minutes; there is no time for disruptive behaviors.  :)




    Folder requirements:  Put name and class code on top of front cover.



    a.  Keep all materials in folder.



    b.  Copy the Quote of the Day when you arrive.



    c. Take folder home at end of semester.







    Grade:   Your Health class grade is separate from your PE class grade.




    The Health class grade is based on:




    A. Attendance – you need to attend all 8 class sessions. If you are absent, you will need to complete the make-up assignment.




    B. Behavior – appropriate classroom behaviors are expected….please be kind and cooperative.




    C. Class participation – be a part of group activities and discussions in a respectful manner.




    D. Daily work – participate to the best of your ability.




    E. Effort, Energy, Enthusiasm – use them all!!




    F. Folder = neat and complete!