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         1. Never underestimate the value of accessing BHS teachers websites at the BHS website. Teachers at BHS maintain websites with helpful information such as the course syllabus, daily assignments, and links to helpful resources. You don’t have any homework?? Hmm… let’s check.  What about that upcoming project? Many teachers have Google classroom.  Be sure to login.


    2.      Writing a paper for class? Follow the link on the BHS website for the “BHS Style Sheet” for helpful information about formatting your paper.


    3.      You’ve been assigned a novel to read for your English class? Some students may learn information better when it is presented verbally.  A limited number of audiobooks are available as well as Bookshare accounts, uploaded with novels by grade level (9th English, 10th English etc.) are now available for check out from the library.  The public library also has audio books available.


    4.      It is important that students read the books that they are assigned in class. Study guides, such as Cliff’s Notes, can help students confirm that they understood the information and help them focus on main ideas. Each Learning Strategies teacher has a collection of study guides for use in class. Students wishing to use study guides at home may access several sites that allow free access such as Sparknotes at (sparknotes.com,gradesaver.com).


    5.      Need extra help? National Honor Society students are available for peer tutoring at no cost. See your Learning Strategies teacher, Mrs. Moore or your counselor for a list.


    6.      Self Advocacy is heavily emphasized within the Learning Strategies classes. It’s important that students develop an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and take responsibility for their education. They should know what accommodations they need to be successful and be able to request those accommodations independently as they reach the upper grades – especially those students who will pursue post-secondary education. Students are encouraged to initiate contact with their general education teachers and meet with them outside of class time to discuss projects, assignments, needed accommodations or other concerns that may surface.


    7.      Grade reports are available online. Go to FamilyAccess. Want to go to the movies with your friends and your teacher hasn’t updated grades? Your parents will be more likely to let you go if you have a progress report that shows your assignments are all in. It may be a pain to remember to give it to each teacher – but when it means going to the movies or not, most students find it’s possible. Students and parents can also email teachers directly to find out about student progress. It’s much more efficient for a parent to initiate an email regarding their one child than for a teacher to remember to email individual parents when dealing with 150 students.


    8.      Test taking: Some students need accommodations to help them better show their knowledge on tests. In some cases students may take tests in the resource room as described in their IEP. While teachers have copies of the IEP’s for the students in their classes, they may not always remember each student’s individual accommodations. Talk to your teacher before the day of the test to make arrangements. The general guideline for extended time, supported by the SAT and most colleges is 50% more time. For example, if the test takes 50minutes, most students needing extra time should not need more than 75 minutes. If a test is not finished the student needs to make arrangements to finish the test as soon as possible. Non-completed tests will be returned to the teacher at the end of the school day. Tests can be taken before school, during Learning Strategies, or after school by appointment. Students who routinely require testing accommodations throughout their high school career may be eligible for those same accommodations when taking college entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT. As the process for accommodation approval can be long and tedious, we recommend applying for accommodations the school year prior to when you plan to take the exam.  The designated counselor in charge of SAT and ACT accommodations at BHS is Nicole Bakker.


    9.      Good attendance is a critical component of school success. Students miss large amounts of instruction when they are absent. Parents are encouraged to sign up for a Family Access password. Family Access allows parents to monitor helpful information such as school attendance.


    10.   Learning disabilities, attention difficulties and other impairments can make achieving school success especially challenging. Learning disabilities, attention difficulties and other impairments, compounded by drug and alcohol use, can make achieving school success impossible. As a wise student once said, "If your child comes home and smells like smoke; it's not their friends." Parents and students with concerns or who would like more information are encouraged to contact the BHS Counseling office. Resources are also available through Bainbridge Youth Services available at bainbridgeyouthservices.org.  There is also support with the Student Assistance Professional.