Sample of required WSLP (Written Student Learning Plan) for EHHS Independent Studies.  However, students will need to "Make a Copy" of the document and save it to their Google Drive in order have an editable version.  The Contract Document and the Student Log have specific "Titles" that are required before the student shares the document with the advisor.  This serves to help advisors streamline their document management of all the contract documents. All documents should start with the STUDENT'S NAME and then what the document is:  Example "Jane Doe Algebra Contract"  or " John Smith Student Log."  Students are also asked to use this model for ANY documents they share with their advisor. Example:  "Sally Smith April Project Presentation."
    Student's Ind. Study Advisor will create a current WSLP Google Document in the Google Classroom for Advisories that the students will access, update, and share. 
    Links to documents:
    Please use the updated 2019-20 shared document: see your advisor to have the SHARED document sent to your Frog Rock district email. Or access the document link below...MAKE A COPY and rename: 
     Detailed instructions to make a "View Only" Google Doc your own:
    1. Be logged in to your Google Account 
    2. Click on the link above and it will open the document up directly in your Google Drive
    3. You will notice you can only view it...you cannot edit the master document
    4. Click on FILE....scroll down and click on MAKE A COPY
    5. A window will open for you to give the document a title... ALL documents should start with the STUDENT'S NAME
    6. After student name, include what the document is (example:  Latin Contract , Weekly Log, April Project Presentation)
    7. You should now have your own editable copy of the document...THEN,
    8. Click the blue Share box in the upper right hand corner
    9. Invite** your advisor by entering their email address in the box (tcorsetti@bisd303.org or pmanson@bisd303.org, etc.)
    10. Make sure "CAN EDIT" is selected to the right
    11. UNCHECK the box that says "notify people via email" when sending to advisors
    12. Click Save and Share
    ** Students INVITE  and give CAN EDIT rights to the at least one parent for the WEEKLY LOG AND EVALUATION**