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    Please refer to our Google Classroom for updated information about assignments.  Students can log into their Frogrock accounts to share information with parents.  Weekly Guardian summaries are available as well.

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  • 9th Grade Syllabus

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    9th English Syllabus


    Kim Kooistra


    Tuesday & Thursday 7:50-8:40


    Course Description: This course focuses on building the core language arts skills of reading, writing, oral communication, and listening. Students will read and analyze a variety of texts in order to better appreciate and understand the human condition. Students will write often, from informal journal responses to longer creative pieces to multi-paragraph academic essays. Students will also expand their vocabulary and improve their use of grammar and punctuation.


    Course Objectives: As a result of this course, students will

    1. explore various genres of literature (short stories, plays, poems, essays, and novels) in order to understand and analyze them.
    2. examine both the content and structural elements of various texts in order to confidently respond to them.
    3. practice clear and effective writing, varying style depending on purpose and audience.
    4. gain confidence in their writing and speaking skills as they learn to discern between poor, adequate, and truly powerful communication.
    5. learn how to develop a topic in their writing and maintain consistent focus.
    6. learn vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics as features of style and thought.
    7. learn how to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, oral communication, listening, and critical thinking.


    Course Overview:

    Tiered reading and writing options are available in every unit to meet the needs of all learners

    Fall Semester:



    Major Text(s)

    Supplemental Text(s)

    Major Assignments

    Southern Gothic Fiction


    To Kill a Mockingbird

    The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter


    Narrative/creative writing

    Writing skills, rhetoric, and close reading, choice unit

    Selection of fiction and nonfiction, free choice fiction book


    Scholastic Writing Contest Piece

    Shakespeare play

    Romeo and Juliet

    Choice of A Separate Peace, title to be determined, or Great Expectations

    Argumentative essay


    Spring Semester:



    Major Text(s)

    Supplemental Text(s)

    Major Assignments


    Catcher in the Rye

    Optional second read of Franny and Zooey or Mrs. Dalloway

    Argumentative essay


    Nonfiction free choice book


    Expository essay


    Documentary project


    Many Voices Nonfiction Book Group

    (I Am MalalaThe Reason I JumpThe Girl Who Fell to EarthEnrique’s Journey)




    Academic Policies and Procedures

    Academic Integrity (from the BHS Student Handbook): Honesty is a compelling principle by which we operate all aspects of student and school life. Academic honesty is highly valued at BHS. Students should not cheat or plagiarize, nor should they tolerate such among fellow students. Students do not receive credit for work that is not their own. Cheating is defined as an attempt to earn credit or receive a grade for coursework in a manner other than defined as acceptable by the teacher. Plagiarism is the taking of language, ideas or thoughts from another person or resource without acknowledging the source. Students who use plagiarized papers or projects or are involved in any other form of cheating will be subject to reduction in grades and/or disciplinary action for a first offense. Because of the serious nature of academic honesty, violations of this code may result in loss of credit for the assignment with a recorded failing grade. It may also entail loss of credit for the course with a recorded failing grade, removal from the course with a failing grade, and/ or additional appropriate disciplinary action.



    Weighted Categories

    Quizzes and Tests


    Essays and Papers




    Daily Work


    Professionalism/ Reflection 



    Standard BHS Grade Scale

























    Late Work: If you know you will be out of town or have extenuating circumstances, please make arrangements with me before the due date. In the case of an excused absence, all make up work or tests should be completed within one week from the day(s) absent - not the day posted on Skyward. Students should ascertain what they have missed and should schedule make up quizzes and tests as soon as possible. Students are always able to turn in any missing work as long as it is within the quarter that the work is due. They need to email it to me or bring it to my desk and turn it in to me if it is printed. 

    Submitting Assignments: All 9th graders will have a school district provided Chromebook to use for the entire academic year.  I have used Google Classroom with my students for the past five years; we will use technology to connect, collaborate, and create. Google Classroom is used to distribute and collect the majority of our written work. We will work on assignments in Google Docs for all major writing pieces. Students can access their documents at home or school through the internet.  As in all writing workshop classrooms, all major writing assignments will have class time dedicated to the writing of the piece. Students have access to other students to seek help and me while they write. If students don’t have access to the internet, they are welcome to hand write papers or use the classroom as a lab space before school.

    Sensitive Materials (books, videos, movies) - One of the goals of this course is to expose students to a variety of perspectives and modes of expression. Thus, it is possible that students may find some books, videos, or movies objectionable. I encourage students to discuss with me the material they think may be objectionable; in extreme cases alternative assignments may be designed.

     Communications of assignments and exams:

    All major writing assignments and projects will be posted in our Google Classroom.  Tests and quizzes will be listed on the daily agenda slideshows that are posted for each class period. Feel free to sign up to receive guardian summaries if you would like to receive a weekly update about the assignments and postings in Google Classroom.

    If parents have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Students are best supported when teachers and parents collaborate. Email is the fastest way to reach me at the high school kkooistra@bisd303.org.  I check my email frequently throughout the day.  Please feel free to call me as well. I will be posting my school phone number on my BISD website.

    Please note that my roles in the school district will take me to two campuses. I will be teaching English at BHS for period 1 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning and working with teachers at Sakai as an Instructional Coach and Differentiation Specialist for the rest of my schedule. I am always available via email and by telephone every day. Students are always welcome to schedule an appointment to work with me in my room before school on period 1 days.  I am available to answer questions, work together on missing assignments, and work with students on rewriting papers. Students can earn up to a ten percent increase on any writing piece after they meet with me and we discuss three focus areas for improvement on the paper.

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Please come prepared; bring materials (i.e., book, pen, paper, etc.), complete assigned reading before class, and turn in homework assignments at the beginning of the class period on the due date.
    2. You are responsible for your role in the classroom community: add to discussion, listen to others respectfully, and do your part in group projects.
    3. Show respect for yourself and others. Do your best work and encourage others to do the same.
    4. Please do not distract yourself or others with cell phones or other electronic equipment. Cell phones are to be turned in to the phone caddy at the beginning of the class period and laptops should be turned off and put away for the duration of class, unless I specifically state that they may be used for a certain activity.


    I have read the 9th English Fall 2018-2019 course syllabus:


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    Hello, parents of 9th graders!  I hope your family had a great summer. I look forward to meeting you at the Fall Open House. In the meantime, here are some great ways to help your son/daughter this semester:


    • Read over your son or daughter’s first drafts of their essays/stories and provide minimal comments and editing marks (for example, simply circle a misspelled word or point out an awkward sentence);
    • If your son or daughter struggles with reading, audiobooks are very helpful. Check out the BHS Library, King County Library, Kitsap Library, Amazon, or other online sources, such as Audible.com;
    • Encourage reading for pleasure.


    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your son or daughter or this class. Email is the best way to contact me as I can respond to emails in the course of a school day, and I can only make phone calls during those few minutes when students are not in my classroom.


    Kim Kooistra


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