• math quote
    Every day in math we will move through a routine that allows students to work and problem-solve through whole-group discussions, small-group challenges and activities, paired work, and independent rotations. We will use the My Math curriculum for interactive lessons, class work, and homework. An outline of each chapter will be sent home every time we start a new chapter so that you know what math concepts your child will be learning and the standards that are being met.
    We will work on engaging problem-solving activities in the classroom that connect to the current math content. Through these activities, students are going to gain an understanding of who they are as learners. We will work through activities that highlight the many different ways that we can get to the same solution. It is important for students to learn all of the math skills and strategies available at the second grade level. Students will be encouraged to use these skills and strategies as they problem-solve in a way that is meaningful and makes sense to them. We all have our own way of getting to the same answer!
    Differentiated instruction and activities will be provided through small group lessons and rotations that include opportunities for hands-on learning, math writing, and good-fit pages.
    Students will use Chromebooks to work on ST math two times each week. Your child's username, password, and instructions for logging in will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.