In music class, we...
    • Listen to the teacher and each other
    • Use kind words
    • Ask for help when we need it
    • Offer help when we can
    • Come prepared
    • Participate, participate, participate! 
    A special message from Mrs. Riggs: 
    Poster reading "Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them." Dear Music Student,
    If you remember only one thing, remember this:
    I expect you to try
    Music is a place where we are always learning something new. To learn something new, you have to take chances. So... take chances! Make mistakes! (Let's not get too messy, though.)
    Most importantly, understand that music is something you learn by doing.  And not just doing one time: doing over and over and over. It's going to take some time! It's going to take some effort! You know what? That's normal. Have fun with it!