• Curriculum

    Students will receive the same district approved curriculum in all subject areas aligned with the Program Design for Spanish and English instruction. All curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards for K-4 and the Spanish components are correlated with the Washington World Languages Learning Standards.

    The content language of specific curriculum is consistent with the program’s language of instruction by subject area and time allocations. Teachers are sensitive in selecting instructional materials that promote cross-cultural appreciation in addition to fostering a challenging work environment.

    District adopted curricula:
    Mathematics:                     My Math / Mis Mates (McGraw Hill 2014)  K-4th
    Spanish Language Arts:    Buenos Hábitos, Grandes Lectores (Pearson 2012)  K-2nd
                                              Letra a Letra (Pearson 2012)  Spanish K-1st
                                               Canciones y Cuentos (Cengage 2013) K-2nd
    English Language Arts:    CCC Collaborative Literacy K-2 
                                           Wit & Wisdom Common Core ELA Curriculum - Great Minds
                                             Words Their Way (Pearson 2012)  English 3rd-4th
    Science:   El Velero K-4 integrates National Geographic Panorama in Spanish to the following district units of study:                        
    • Kindergarten
      • Physical — STEM curriculum: Exploring Design; Science Force Olympics; MakeDo construction and invention
      • Life — Trees & Weather
      • Earth — Trees & Weather
    • 1st grade
      • Physical — STEM curriculum: Sound; Light; Squishy Circuits
      • Life — Plants & Animals
      • Earth — Patterns in The Sky
    • 2nd grade
      • Physical — Matter and Its Interactions
      • Life —  Investigating Plants and Marine Science (2 units)
      • Earth — STEM curriculum: Work of Water; Engineering is Elementary; Maker Studio
    • 3rd grade
      • Physical — STEM curriculum: Invisible Forces; Earthquake Resistant Building Design; Bristle Bots
      • Life — Living Things: Past to Present & Wings at Work (2 units)
      • Earth — Weather & Climate
    • 4th grade
      • Physical — STEM curriculum: Energizing everything; LittleBits; Makey Makey
      • Life — Human Machine & Endangered Orcas (2 units)
      • Earth — Forces that Change the Land