• Please note: This page is in reference to work done in the spring of 2013. 
    Thank you for your interest in our School Configuration discussion.
    Please note the School Board's purpose for considering change and the charge to the School Configuration Committee:
    Purpose of considering school configuration changes:
    Like other economically driven change processes that have occurred within the district, the purpose of revisiting school configuration is to consider whether such changes would be beneficial to the students and citizens of Bainbridge Island. 
    Economic and demographic challenges have founded the discussion:
    • Declining enrollment
    • Financial constraints
    • Facility needs

    The Charge issued to the School Configuration Committee:

    The School Board charge to the committee is to develop school configuration options that best accomplish the district's mission, vision, and guiding principles within the constraints of the district's economic and demographic limitations. It is expected that the committee will analyze multiple scenarios and bring to the School Board a recommended set of options to be considered for implementation.
    Community Engagement:
    In April and May 2013, four staff meetings and four community meetings were held. Each included a presentation by district administrators and staff members and a time for questions and answers. The Community Meetings included small group discussions with a report out from each small group.
    View the PowerPoint shown at the four community meetings. Staff also saw the first version of this presentation.
    Frequently Asked Questions have been created from questions recorded at staff presentations, inquiries written on 3x5 cards at Community Meetings, and the Small Group Reports at Community Meetings. Well over 250 questions have been asked. Our commitment is to answer all questions. Therefore, you will see the FAQs evolve and grow as staff resources are able to complete this process. Please check back weekly for updates. Edition #1 FAQs.