• Did you know that the Murden Cove watershed is considered the worst out of 12 watersheds on Bainbridge Island? This news was very troubling to our class and other students at Sakai, so we researched the reasons for this and ways that we could help improve the quality of this watershed. Mr. Rabinowitz and Mrs. Thomas’ 5th grade homerooms created some short animated videos about our watershed and we have put them on the Sakai website. They talk about the problem with our watershed and some causes. They also tell how we can help improve the water quality and make it better.

    Every year the school raises and cares for chum salmon. The week before Spring Break a class goes down to the stream one at a time. We just enjoyed doing that. This salmon stream is part of our Murden Cove watershed. The Murden Cove watershed isn’t as healthy as it could be and really want to change that so that our salmon can come back to a healthy stream.
    Some of the videos are about fertilizer, pet waste, grass clippings, and pH levels in the stream. There is also an introduction, a video about the salmon release, and many more. They are very short and fun to watch! Once you’re done watching some the videos, we are hoping that you will take our eight question, anonymous survey so we can see if we’ve made an impact!
    Sincerely, Emma and Eleanor from the Rabinowitz and Thomas team.