reading quote
    Students will track and develop their reading through CAFE and Daily 5 rotations during our literacy time each day. We will start out learning about and practicing the different tasks that can be done during independent rotations as we work to build stamina.
    The goal is to have the Daily 5 structure in place by the end of October. This means that students will independently move through rotations as I meet with small groups and individual students. Daily 5 tasks include:
    Read to Self
    Work on Writing
    Word Work
    Listen to Reading
    Read to someone
    We will begin our time in language arts as a whole group. I will read a book to the class and we will take time to discuss and analyze the text. Often times, there will be a meaningful opportunity for students to show what they know in connection to a book that we have just read.
    When we transition from whole group time to literacy choice time, students will rotate through the Daily 5 tasks listed above.
    Students will be applying their CAFE reading strategies during whole group, paired, and independent reading time and activities. CAFE is an acronym that emphasizes the important components of reading. Your child will get to know the following acronym very well:
    C - comprehension
    A - accuracy
    F - fluency 
    E - expand vocabulary
    As a class, we will practice applying and being mindful of specific reading and writing strategies. The strategy of the week will be posted on our CAFE wall. Each strategy becomes a tool that students can use in their daily reading and writing.
    Small Group and 1:1 Reading
    I will provide differentiated instruction and reading time to small groups and individual students. Each student will work to build comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary through daily reading. I will meet students where they are at in their learning and we will work toward individual and small group goals together!