• What's happening in Reading Club?

    Posted by Stephanie Hillier on 5/16/2014 6:00:00 AM
    GRADE 1:  Fluency practice and the sounds of g/c (hard & soft).  We are making a list of words with the soft g sound, like gem and gentle, and soft c sounds like cent and bicycle and trying to find a phonics rule to support our choice of sounds.
    GRADE 2:  Fluency--improving rate and accuracy.  We are reading and rereading, trying to use phrases and watch for punctuation that will build fluency.
    GRADE 3:  Lots of testing and field trips to work around!  Our sessions are focused on author's purpose and cause/effect.
    Call if you have any questions! 206-780-3032 or email shillier@bisd303.org
    As always, the enthusiasm of our young readers remains very strong!  It's such a joy to teach reading to these hard-working students.
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  • May LAP News

    Posted by Stephanie Hillier on 5/23/2013
    We are nearing the end of our marathon testing cycle.  At least the weather has been chilly, making it more comfortable to stay indoors at a computer!
    The first and second grade reading students are ready for oral reading fluency progress monitoring.  We are reading early chapter books, How and Why stories and practicing the sounds of "y" in first grade. 
    Second graders are reading non-fiction books and working on some comprehension strategies.  We've spent a bit of time learning about tricky consonants--ask about ph, silent k, h & w, and g/j, c/s sounds.
    In the afternoons, as time permits, the third and fourth grade math students have been reviewing math facts--working to improve fluency.
    And last but not least, grade 3 reading club participants are studying how to determine  the author's purpose when reading fiction.
    Looking ahead...
    Reading Club students will be selecting from a menu of summer reading options.  The KR Library offers a program, as well.  It's so important that students practice, practice practice during the vacation.  Remember, the ten best ways to improve reading skills are:  read, read, read,read,read,read,read,read,read,read!
    Thanks for reading the LAP blog!
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  • Ms. Hillier's LAP Blog

    Posted by Stephanie Hillier on 5/3/2013
    FEBRUARY Reading Club and Math Lab news:
    First and second grade readers are bringing home their homework folders on Thursdays.  Inside, please find a weekly passage or assignment.  After reading with your student, please fill out the log.  Let me know how your student is progressing.  This can be a wonderful home-school connection and when the folder is returned on Mondays, students enjoy choosing stickers to put on their work.
    Third grade readers have begun a word study unit in addition to our reading and answering questions.  Our first unit is prefixes (un, mis, sub, re, over).
    Third grade math students have spent a month on multiplication facts.  We will continue to work with multiplying and dividing in word problems all year.  We are also beginning to examine fractions--learning the definitions of fraction, numerator and denominator--and what they mean using real problems and examples.
    Fourth grade mathematicians are beginning to explore decimal fractions (tenths and hundredths).
    All of the students took the MAP test in January.  I will add the score to your student's Learning Plan which will be sent home again at conference time.  I will also add in the other scores of other assessments I've given.  If you are interested in the information, please call (780-3032) or email me (shillier@bisd303.org). 
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