• Wilkes Little Free Library

    Posted by Lynne Ukich on 1/7/2019
    Come check out the new Wilkes Little Free Library, now located right outside the library door!
     The Little Free Library movement has taken hold in communities and schools all across the country, including neighborhoods on Bainbridge Island. Ths little library is for all of us (students, teachers, parents). It is simple and excellent in its purpose to circulate good books into the hands of eager readers.
    This is how it works:
    1.  You or your child bring a book from home that is no longer needed, and place the book in the Little Free Library.
    2. Then you may take a book from the Little Free Library. You may also donate without taking a book, if you so choose.
    3. Repeat as often as desired!
    We are all  trusted as part of the Wilkes community. The Little Free Library is available anytime school is in session.
    Please help us maintain high quality in this little library. Refrain from bringing board books, TV/movie/toy character spin-offs, damaged books, etc..
    Gently used is fine.
    If you are interested in more info:
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  • Online Resources you can use at home!

    Posted by Lynne Ukich on 11/27/2018
    Bainbridge Island School District offers several online resources for students and their families to use at home. Below are links to the websites, which are also on the Online Resources page of the Wilkes Library website. An informational pamphlet with usernames and passwords is available to all Wilkes families. If you have not yet received a copy, please contact Lynne Ukich at 780-3035; email lukich@bisd303.org.
     PebbleGo is a research database of information on animals, science, social studies and biographes for emergent readers (K-3).
     BrainPOP is a database of animated educational videos for all curricular content. Also includes educational games. Home use 7 am - 5 pm.
    One More Story   
    One More Story is an online collection of animated talking picture books. Includes nonfiction books and videos.
     CultureGrams offers detailed information on more than 200 countries and all of the United States.
    A complete multimedia encyclopedia, plus atlas and dictionary. Includes a Spanish version and World Book Kids for primary students. Early World of Learning is a component of World Book Online designed for primary learners, including education games, stories and songs.
    Library Search/Webpath Express (no password required)
    An excellent alternative to Google searches, the Destiny library search provides access to all district library collections from home. Search the full library collection for both books and websites, selecting the Websites tab to see filtered results. For websites only, go directly to Webpath Express on left menu.
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