What do we learn in music class? 


     National Music Standards and the Kodály Method of Music Education

    Here at Wilkes music classes are taught using predominantly (though not exclusively) the Kodály method of teaching music, which you can read about at https://www.oake.org/about-us/the-kodaly-concept/ This is an experience-based method using vocal folk music and games, a sequence of rhythmic and melodic elements that build on each other to first build understanding of what is heard, then transfer that mastery to reading, composing, and improvising. Overall , there is the idea that all children can make music and deserve an education that supports a lifelong love of doing so. It dovetails very well with the national music education standards, found at https://nafme.org/my-classroom/standards/core-music-standards/.
    We also use an online curriculum called Quaver Music, found at http://www.quavermusic.com

    State Standards

    Washington's GLEs (Grade Level Expectations) for music can be found on the OSPI website. They are a great way to get a feel for what the "big picture" goals are for each grade level. 

     District Standards

    http://bisd303.org/Page/4721 has the K-12 overview of music content focus for the district.