Technology Donations

    First of all, thank you for thinking of our school district as you seek the right home for your technology donation.
    As a public school district serving the Bainbridge Island community, Bainbridge Island School District regularly looks for opportunities to increase and maximize its resources. BISD works within state and school board purchasing and acquisition guidelines and takes into account total cost of ownership including consumables, maintenance and repair costs, compatibility with existing resources, and staffing costs to support technology. The school district is open to considering donations of working equipment in very good condition that are compatible with our network and operating systems, support the mission and goals of the district, and can be fully supported within our resources.
    1) Technology equipment must meet or exceed the minimum standards established by the Washington State Office of Superintendent as found at OSPI Computers 4 Kids, (C4Kids) Basics , and as noted below:

    PC Specifications

    1. Intel based Dual Core (or higher) desktop or laptop
    2. Minimum 8 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive, DVD-ROM drive, USB ports, supports Windows 7 or higher, Ethernet NIC card (or onboard Network adaptor)
    3. 24 inch or larger LCD flat panel

    2) Your donation meets the requirements of  BISD School Board Policy 6114 Gifts and its related procedure.

    3) Donation must be compatible within the existing BISD network and infrastructure resources. 


    Sometimes equipment that is compatible for home or small business technologies, is not compatible or cannot be supported within an enterprise-level, network system and our existing resources. If you are interested in donating good condition, working technology equipment, please check that your donation meets the following criteria. If you have any questions, call our Technology Help Desk at 206-780-1668.