• Business Website
    Our first web site of the semester is a business site. Hopefully, you are satisfied with at least one of your logos and will be able to incorporate that into your design so that you do not have to make another for this site.
    You will be deciding which type of business you are working with: product or service, e-business, brick & mortar, or a combination of both, who is your target audience - age, sex, economic level, geographical region if applicable, etc.
    Once you have decided on some of these basics it is time to plan out the needs of your customers and how your website will convince these customers that you are the best place to meet those needs. To do this you have to start thinking about what information/graphics will be required for your site, basic design, colors, layout, logo/slogan, navigation.
    Once you have a pretty good idea of the product/service, type of business, audience, needs, and design it is time to start storyboarding your site. There is paper by the printer for you to use. You will need a page for each page of your site unless you will have the same layout for every page. If that is the case draw out one page and then on the back explain what information will be included on each page. Remember that the exact pictures and text does not need to be determined at this point, we are just working on the layout. 
    Storyboards due
    Tuesday, October 22