• Hello!
    My name is Stephanie Hillier and this is my fifth year at Wilkes.  I've been assisting striving learners in the BISD Learning Assistance Program for many years.  I've worked at Woodward, Odyssey, and even helped out at the Alternative High School, Strawberry Hill, early on in my career.
    I am very excited about our new building, and thrilled to be a part of a very professional and talented staff.  My office is in Room 212. I have 24 hour voice mail at 206-780-3032 and of course, can be reached at shillier@bisd303.org if you have any questions or comments.
    At home, it's just Tom (a terrific husband) and Mona (my sweet dog) and me.  Both of our girls graduated from BHS and still love their island home.  Annie, age 25, is a marine biologist living in Maui.  Kerry, age 24, is in her last year of graduate school at the UW and is a graduate teaching assistant for children with disabilities at the EEU.
    I love to read,  take walks, visit Annie in Maui as well at travel almost anywhere, and I play Sudoku and Set daily.  I look forward to the 2012-13 year at Wilkes.