• Washington State Learning Assistance Program (LAP)/Wilkes Elementary School

    LAP is a state allocation directly awarded to school districts based on a funding formula.  The goal of the program is to provide effective and efficient intervention.  LAP supports eligible students, thereby assisting participants to meet state standards on assessments, in the areas of Language Arts (Reading) and Mathematics.

    Eligibility for Wilkes students is determined by state (MSP), district (MAP), and classroom assessment (DRA II) scores, in addition to follow-up diagnostic tests given by the BISD Title I/LAP staff (including BRI, DIBELS, District wide math assessments and fact fluency tests).  Parent/guardians are provided a written Student Learning Plan with goals and updated progress monitoring.

    The Bainbridge Island Schools Foundation has been very helpful in maintaining staffing levels and providing materials for the Title I and LAP programs, including the “ixl.com’ math intervention.  Our staff is very grateful for their support.

    For the 2012-13 school year, Title I/LAP programs at Blakely, Ordway, Commodore Options Schools, Sakai, Woodward and Wilkes are serving over 250 emergent readers and striving mathematicians!