• GIZMOS -You're already enrolled and want to log in to the website.
    If you're not enrolled here is how you gain access to Science Gizmos for the first time.

    1) Go to Gizmos new enrollment

    2) Copy and Paste the code below where it asks for a class code.

    Science Period 2 - TYFSKBWLTV
    Science Period 4 - 6DYHWFK7LF
    Science Period 5 - PX2PEPET77
    Science Period 6 - EJZPFAXZRY

    3) You will be able to set up your username and password. Absolutely use the same username and password that you have for logging on the network, Accelerated Reader, etc.

    That's all. Now you can start using Gizmos. Have fun! Learn a Lot.