• Ways to sort words at home:
    Day 1: Have your child cut apart the word list into cards.  Sort the word cards into categories (this type of sort has been taught at school).  For example you might sort out all of the words that have “short a” in them or “long a.”  Ask your child to explain to you why the words are sorted in a particular way.  Sort the cards a second time as fast as possible (you may want to time them).

    Day 2:  Do a blind sort with your child.  Lay down the category cards in a row.  For example you would lay down the cards that indicate “long a” or “short a.”  Then read a word card aloud, without showing it to your child.  Without seeing the word, your child should point to the category that it goes in.  Lay down the card.  Your child should move it to the correct category if it is wrong.

    Day 3:  Do a word hunt.  Look for their words or words with the same sound pattern in books, magazines, or newspapers.

    Day 4:  Have a practice test.

    Additional Practice Activities:

    Write words in sentences.

    Put words in alphabetical order.

    Look up a few of the words in the dictionary.

    Sort the words according to their meaning.

    Draw and label a picture to go with the words.

    Write a story using your words.