~ Letters of Recommendation ~
    Your letters of recommendation are an important part of the application process for admittance to institutions of higher learning. I am happy to write a letter for you and request your attention to the items below in order that I might do the best job possible on your behalf. Thank you for following these guidelines.
    1) Complete this Student Questionnaire please (*required!).
    2) If you are using only the Common App, please fill out the information online that is necessary for me to submit your recommendation electronically.
    3) If it is necessary for me to submit your recommendation via the mail, please pay attention to the two items below:
    a) Fill out all information on the form that you are able. In the “teacher” section, please fill out the school address, phone numbers etc. If this is a common application, fill it out online. Here is the information you will need for the student and teacher sections:
    CEEB/ACT code: 481 580
    Name: Marilyn Tsolomitis, MEd
    Subject Taught/Position: Mathematics ~ Algebra II
    Secondary School: Bainbridge High School
    School Address: 9330 High School Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
    Teacher’s Phone: 206 855-0548 Email: mtsolomitis@bisd303.org
    BHS CEEB code number is: 481 580
    Provide a stamped & addressed envelope for each school that is not a common app school and requires regular mail…please use the peal and seal envelopes
    b) Paper clip all forms and envelopes for each school together and put all bundles in a manila folder. Include in the folder a list of all schools and their due dates beside them.  (most schools are now common app so this step might not be necessary)

    4) Please, bring in a school picture for me (or email it to me) so I can smile at you while I write (and then I will hang it in our classroom to think about you making your positive way in this world).

    5) Finally, please keep me informed regarding your progress in the process, what you hear from schools, and what you ultimately decide. I am excited for you and want to cheer you on.
    ~ Mrs. Tsolomitis
     ~ * ~ * ~