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    General Interest and Nongovernmental Agencies

    The Academy of Natural Sciences Estuarine Research Center: www.acnatsci.org/research/anserc

    Access Excellence: The National Health Museum: www.accessexcellence.org

    Adopt-a-Watershed: www.adopt-a-watershed.org

    Air and Waste Management Association: www.awma.org

    American Forests: www.americanforests.org

    American Horticultural Society: www.ahs.org

    American Lung Association: www.lungusa.org

    American Meteorological Society: www.ametsoc.org

    American Museum of Natural History Center for Biodiversity and Conservation:


    American Rivers: www.americanrivers.org

    American Society for Horticultural Science: www.ashs.org

    American Society of Limnology and Oceanography: aslo.org

    American Water Works Association: www.awwa.org

    America’s Parks Online: www.parksonline.org

    The Biota of North America Program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden: www.bonap.org

    Botanical Society of America: www.botany.org

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden: www.bbg.org

    Center for a Sustainable Future: csf.concord.org

    Center for Clean Air Policy: www.ccap.org

    Center for Health, Environment and Justice: www.chej.org

    Center for International Forestry Research: www.cifor.cgiar.org

    Center for Science in the Public Interest: www.cspinet.org

    Chesapeake Bay Foundation: www.cbf.org

    Clean Water Action: www.cleanwateraction.org

    Colorado School of Mines: www.mines.edu

    Community Transportation Association of America: www.ctaa.org

    CONCERN, Inc.: www.health.gov/nhic

    Conservation International: www.conservation.org

    Consumer Federation of America: www.consumerfed.org

    Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program: www.citizen.org/cmep

    Defenders of Wildlife: www.defenders.org

    Desert Research Institute: www.dri.edu

    Desert USA (basic information on desert ecosystems): desertusa.com

    Ducks Unlimited, Inc.: www.ducks.org

    Earth First!: www.earthfirst.org

    Earth Island Institute: www.earthisland.org

    Earthscape: www.earthscape.org

    Earthwatch Institute: www.earthwatch.org

    EE-Link (environmental education resources): eelink.net

    EnergyNet Community Web: www.energynet.net

    EnviroLink: The Online Environmental Community: www.envirolink.org

    Environmental Action Foundation: www.agc.org/Environmental_Info

    Environmental Defense: www.environmentaldefense.org

    Environmental Education site of the National Wildlife Federation: www.nwf.org/education

    Environmental Law Institute: www.eli.org

    Environmental Literacy Council: www.enviroliteracy.org

    Environmental News Network: www.enn.com

    Freedom from Hunger: www.freefromhunger.org

    Friends of the Earth: www.foe.org

    GIS Café.com (technology updates): www01.giscafe.com

    The GLOBE Program: Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment: www.globe.gov

    GREEN: Global Rivers Environmental Education Network: www.green.org

    Greenpeace, Inc.: www.greenpeaceusa.org

    How the WeatherWorks™: www.weatherworks.com

    Institute for Local Self-Reliance: www.ilsr.org

    Institute of Global Environment and Society: grads.iges.org

    Intellicast.com—Weather for Active Lives: www.intellicast.com (weather forecasts)

    International Planned Parenthood Federation: www.ippf.org

    The Izaak Walton League of America: www.iwla.org

    The Jane Goodall Institute: www.janegoodall.org

    The JASON Project™: www.jasonproject.org

    Land Trust Alliance: www.lta.org

    League of Conservation Voters: www.lcv.org

    National Audubon Society: www.audubon.org

    National Center for Atmospheric Research: www.ncar.ucar.edu

    National Council for Science and the Environment: www.ncseonline.org

    National Park Foundation: www.nationalparks.org

    National Parks Conservation Association: www.npca.org

    National Resources Defense Council: www.nrdc.org

    National Tree Trust: www.nationaltreetrust.org

    National Wildlife Federation: www.nwf.org

    The Nature Conservancy: nature.org

    NatureServe: A Network Connecting Science with Conservation: www.natureserve.org

    North American Cartographic Information Society: www.nacis.org

    The Ocean Conservancy: www.oceanconservancy.org

    Pathfinder Science Digital Monarch Watch: pathfinderscience.net/monarch

    PBS: Six Billion and Beyond: Population in the New Millennium (population information and population

    counter): www.pbs.org/sixbillion

    Physicians for Social Responsibility: www.psr.org

    Planet Drum Foundation: www.planetdrum.org

    Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, Inc.: www.plannedparenthood.org

    Population Action International: www.populationaction.org

    Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth): www.populationconnection.org

    The Population Institute: www.populationinstitute.org

    Population Reference Bureau: www.prb.org

    Population Resource Center: www.prcdc.org

    Project for Public Spaces: Urban Parks Online: pps.org/upo

    Project WILD: www.projectwild.org

    Public Lands Information Center™: www.publiclands.org

    Public Citizen: www.citizen.org

    Rachel Carson Council, Inc.: members.aol.com/rccouncil/ourpage

    Rainforest Action Network: www.ran.org

    Rainforest Alliance: www.rainforest-alliance.org

    Renew America: sol.crest.org/environment/renew_america

    Resources for the Future: www.rff.org

    Rocky Mountain Institute: www.rmi.org

    The Rodale Institute: www.rodaleinstitute.org

    Save Our Streams: www.saveourstreams.org

    Science NetLinks: www.sciencenetlinks.com

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: www.seashepherd.org

    Sierra Club: www.sierraclub.org

    Society of American Foresters: www.safnet.org

    State PIRGs (public interest research groups): www.pirg.org

    The Stream Study (using macroinvertebrates): www.people.virginia.edu/~sos-iwla

    The Student Conservation Association, Inc.: www.thesca.org

    Sustainable Agriculture Network: www.sare.org

    Terra Server (aerial photographs): terraserver.microsoft.com

    The Trust for Public Land: www.tpl.org

    Union of Concerned Scientists: www.ucsusa.org

    The U.S. Long-Term Ecological Research Network: www.lternet.edu

    Volcano World: volcano.und.nodak.edu

    Water Environment Federation®: www.wef.org

    Water Environment Research Foundation: www.werf.org

    Wild Ones—Native Plants, Natural Landscapes: www.for-wild.org

    The Wilderness Society: www.wilderness.org

    Wildlife Habitat Council: www.wildlifehc.org

    Wildlife Management Institute: www.wildlifemanagementinstitute.org

    The Wildlife Society: www.wildlife.org

    World Population Clock: www.ibiblio.org/lunarbin/worldpop

    World Resources Institute: www.wri.org

    World Wildlife Fund: www.wwf.org

    Worldwatch Institute: www.worldwatch.org


    Government Agencies

    Bureau of Land Management: www.blm.gov

    Bureau of Transportation Statistics: www.bts.gov

    Clean Cities Program: www.ccities.doe.gov

    Forest Products Laboratory: USDA Forest Service: www.fpl.fs.fed.us

    (NASA) Teaching Earth Science: www.earth.nasa.gov/education

    National Hurricane Center: www.nhc.noaa.gov

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: www.noaa.gov

    National Park Foundation: www.nationalparks.org

    The National Park Service: www.nps.gov

    National Resources Conservation Service: www.nrcs.usda.gov

    National Response Center: www.nrc.uscg.mil/nrchp.html

    National Weather Service: www.nws.noaa.gov

    Occupational Safety and Health Administration: www.osha.gov

    Office of Biological and Environmental Research: www.er.doe.gov/production/ober/ober_top.html

    Smithsonian Institution: www.si.edu

    United Nations Environment Programme: www.unep.org

    U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers: www.usace.army.mil