• Guidelines for setting up your

    Math Notebook



    Pencil Pouch with pencils, ballpoint pens, 6 inch ruler, hole reinforcers, graphing calculator, CMP book


    Section 1:   Forms/ Learning Targets

    In this section keep classroom expectations,procedures and other forms. You will also keep track of meeting your learning targets throughout the year.


    Section 2:   Warm Ups

    This is where you will start class each day. Clearly date each entry and copy the problem from the front board as well as the steps to find your answer. Separate each day of Warm Ups with a horizontal line.



    Section 3:   Labs

    This section will include all notes for a unit. These notes are from our in-class work and you can use them as a reference as you work on assignments. These notes are also a great place to study from as you prepare for assessments (quizzes and tests).



    Section 4:   Homework

    Each assignment should be clearly identified with the assignment title on the top line, and a heading in the right corner that includes your first and last name, class period, and date.



    Section 5:   Unit Organizers

    This section contains a collection of condensed notes for each unit throughout the year.
    Both lined paper and graph paper should be placed in the back of the binder.
    In order to organize your work and make it easier for me to review, date every entry and identify with problem numbers and chapter or unit names.

    I will check and grade you notebooks at unannounced times.

    After we complete a unit, we will clean out the warm-up, journal, and homework section and file it for future reference.