• 7th Grade Math Course Syllabus


    1. Shapes and Designs: develops understanding of two-dimensional geometry.

    2. Accentuate the Negative: operations on integers (positive & negative numbers).
    3. Stretching and Shrinking: develops understanding of similarity and scale factor.

    4. Comparing and Scaling: covers the ideas of ratio, proportion, and percent.

    5. Moving Straight Ahead: continues the exploration of Algebra with a focus on linear relationships and solving 2 step equations.

    6. What do you Expect?: examines at experimental and theoretical probability.

    7. Filling and Wrapping: explores the concepts of surface area and volume of 3 dimensional shapes.

    8. Samples and Populations: studies data analysis and statistics focusing on distribution, variability, measures of central tendency, and comparing data sets.



    Grading Policy

    The purpose and focus of this class is LEARNING. The grade you earn will reflect your level of learning and understanding of the 7th grade math learning targets. Daily practice and organization is important to solidify your understanding of concepts. Overall grades mean the following:


    4: Exceptional understanding of the learning targets, student regularly goes above and beyond


    3: Solid understanding of the learning targets


    2: Learning is in-development, more learning is needed to meet the targets


    1: Significant  learning is needed to meet the targets