• You can check your student's math progress on-line at anytime. This is available through "family access". You can access this through the district's main website under "for our parents" or click here: family access 

    You will need to enter your Skyward access code and password. If you do not yet have this, contact Teressa Dorsett
    (780-4503) in the main office and she will get the information to you.

    Thoughts to ponder:
    Remember that the online gradebook is a tool we provide for the student. The goal is for the student to take responsibility for their learning and to have the information available to help them make great choices. Students should feel that their educational team (ie..parents and teachers) are there to support them in finding solutions when they are having difficulty with understanding concepts. The way in which we phrase this support to our students makes a huge difference. Phrases like "How did you do in meeting your learning targets on that quiz?" and "How can I support you in meeting that learning target?" help students realize that you are focused on their learning and improvement, not simply on their grade. Remember that students often perceive that parents will "be mad" at them if they earn a low mark on an assessment. Students and parents should realize that learning is a process. It is all right if students are not perfect in that learning initially and that they feel supported in improving, rather than "in trouble" for not performing well.

    We are working to build internally motivated kids. We want our students to love math and love learning because they find it interesting and see how it relates to their lives. "Being passionate about grades is not the same as being passionate about Faulkner, calculus, or the periodic table of elements." (Madeline Levine, The Price of Privilege)