• Parents' positive expectations facilitate a smooth transition to 5th and 6th grade:
    • Parents can set a tone for how transitions are handled ~ students are typically excited about change, and some apprehension is typical.  
    • Share your enthusiasm about the transition and your confidence in your child's adaptability.
    • Support their readiness and help them develop resilience ~ remind them often of their mastery of skills.
    • Stay focused on your child's strengths ~ encourage  & celebrate small steps toward bigger goals.
    Setting the tone for success at any age:
    • Listen carefully & with an ear for how to empower your child  to problem solve situations they are prepared to handle. When your student comes with a concern or problem ask:  "What  have you tried already?"
    • Monitor and supervise activities ~ especially technology based activities.
    • Continue with consistent routines at home ~ and know it's that little things help kids stay grounded.
    • Notice and make adjustments if your child seems "over-scheduled".
    As they move into the routine of the school year:
    • Remain involved ~ Do expect to see your child's planner & help him/her build organizational skills.
    • Ask questions and check with us if you have concerns ~ we want students to thrive at Sakai. 
    • Stay focused on their strengths ~ encourage  & celebrate small steps toward bigger goals. 
    • If things get difficult for your child, trade information for worry and engage us in problem solving.
    The greatest gift you can give your son or daughter is the gift of your confidence in their capabilities and their hard won resilience.