•       I first started teaching 32 years ago in Crownpoint, New Mexico on the Western Navajo reservation. After teaching there for a year, I moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where I was an itinerant special ed teacher for three one-room school houses.  Some days I traveled up to 100 miles and saw antelopes and golden eagles. I experienced way too many blizzards and driving hazards which eventually led me to Olympia WA.  I lived and worked around the area for ten years teaching special ed and general ed fourth-sixth grades.  In 1997, I met my husband and moved to Elgin, Illinois.  I taught special ed for four years in the Chicago area.  I missed Washington so much that I would pretend the Lake Affect weather fronts were the Olympic Mounts and the gray buildings were the forest-lined roads! We finally made our way back to Washington in 2001.
          My husband and I live outside Poulsbo with the Hood canal a short distance away. We have no children, but have fallen in love with German Shepherds.  Jasper is our third German Shepherd and the best dog we have ever had.  Our favorite thing to do is take "dog vacations" and long hikes with Jasper.  We are also "fair weather" kayakers. 
         Fifth and sixth grades are by far my favorite grades to teach.  The children are excited about learning, they want to please, and they still want to have fun!  I think that Sakai does a terrific job encouraging creativity, individuality and success!  Now that you know a little bit about me, I am excited to learn about you!
    Dog Photo