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    I’m Alive

    By Natalia Clermont

    What truly is it,

    that I believe?

    Many things,

    Any things.

    Do I know?

    Entirely, no.

    Some things, though,

    some things I know.

    I know fiction, old and new

    I know the path of stories true.

    I know tales not yet told

    I know the rustle as a page unfolds.

    Other things,

    I don’t quite know.

    But I believe

    to be quite so.

    I believe in music grand

    I believe in truth unplanned

    I believe my instr’ments four

    Can set me free to fly and soar

    I believe in art and play.

    In coaxing life from stubborn clay,

    In giving paper something to say.

    Something I know will always stay.

    I believe in my family,

    always there, for eternity

    I believe in myself.

    For I

    am alive.