Web Browsers

  • What browser can I use with Skyward?
    Skyward works with the Chrome browser, Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows machines.  If Skyward does not seem to be working, you may refresh the web page, clear the browser's cache and/or switch browsers. 
    Which browser should I use?
    Chrome has a lot of benefits especially for our school district. The Bainbridge Island School District's email system is powered by Gmail. Gmail and the Chrome browser were both developed by Google.  Since Google created both products, there are many advantages to using the Chrome Browser with our BISD email.  Some of the advantages include increased speed and responsiveness, drag and drop of attachments and documents in Google Apps, and more.
    What web browser am I using?
    There are a few ways of determining which browser you are using.  First it makes sense to get familiar with their icons.  Here are the icons of the three most common web browsers you will see on our computers. In order, they are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
    Web browser icons
    These icons will show up in your taskbar at the bottom of the screen when you are using them.  Over the years all three have refined/changed their user interfaces, so from one version to another they may look different, but the icons have remained fairly consistent.
    What is a default browser?
    Simply put,  the default browser is the browser Microsoft Windows has been told to use when clicking on a web link.  One thing to note, once you are in an internet browser, all links will open in that same browser.   For example, if you click on a link while you are in Chrome, it will not open in another browser (even if another browser is set as default) it will open the link in Chrome.
    Do I need to change my default browser?
    No, just open the browser you want to use and start from there.   There should already be bookmarks to get to Skyward.  If not, you can always use the link on the top of our web page.  If you want to change your default browser, we would be happy to help you, please call our Helpdesk for assistance, 206-780-1668.