• Math Olympiad Contest Rules

    1. A team will consist of four students. Teams of three students will, however, be allowed.
    2. Each team will participate at the highest grade level of any student on the team. (A school may include students of 2 grade levels on one team, if needed.)
    3. No changes in team members may be made after checking in at Registration.
    4. Events will begin and end promptly at the time scheduled. Only teams that are present in a timely manner will be allowed to participate in that particular event.
    5. A student who leaves during a task will not be allowed to return during that event.
    6. Each team will be provided pencils and paper (and graph paper, as needed) for team members.
    7. Each team may bring other tools such as calculators, rulers, protractors, compasses, pens, colored pencils, English language dictionaries or translating dictionaries for ESL students, Post-Its. (WSMC will not provide those items.)
    8. Word processors and computers are not allowed.  Calculators with a QWERTY keyboard are not allowed; graphing calculators are ok.  The problems are designed to not be computationally intensive and can be done without a calculator.