• Washington State Mathematics Council's Middle School Math Olympiad (Bainbridge Island Site)

    On Saturday May 2nd Commodore Options School will host the Washington State Mathematics Council's Middle School Math Olympiad contest. The WSMC's Math Olympiad is a special math event for 5th through 8th grade students. This year it will be held in nineteen locations across the state - Bainbridge Island, Bellingham, Bethel, Bothell, Connell, Edmonds, Ellensburg, Hoquiam, Port Angeles, Seattle (5 sites), Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Woodinville, and Yakima. State wide more than 3000 middle, and elementary students participated in last year's Olympiad.

    The Olympiad consists of six events broken into two sessions. The first session consists of the "Big Problem" in which the students are given a performance assessment which tests their ability to understand, reason, and communicate the mathematics they do in the classroom, as applied to a real life situation. In Last year's problem students were given a list of constraints and asked to design a Lego type "Castle Kit." The students were given an hour to complete Session I. The second session is broken up into five smaller events, which test the students' aptitude in number sense, measurement, geometric reasoning, probability and statistics, and algebraic reasoning. Students are allowed 20 minutes to complete each event in Session II.