We coach and teach the game of baseball to be played the right way.  This means a respect for the game, each player and teammate, coaches, umpires, and fans.  Our program expects our student-athletes to play hard, play disciplined, and always act in a manner which bespeaks the virtue of the student-athlete.


    Our program pushes the envelope of aggressive baseball at the high school level.  We strive to put pressure on our opponents at the plate, on the mound, on defense, and on the base paths.  Our program maintains that the quickest way to success for a player and a team is not just to coach the game, but to teach it.  If and when individual players understand not just what they are doing right, but what needs fixing, that is when our program becomes successful.


    One of the most important characteristics we hope to infuse in our student-athletes is an awareness of the close connection between the way they carry and conduct themselves on the field and the way they carry and conduct themselves in the classroom and the outside world.  If they leave the program with nothing else gained or learned, we hope that each player understands that both the game of baseball and life don’t owe them anything; rather, in order to achieve success in both areas, he must work harder than the next person, show respect, and carry himself with honor and class.






    Ø  Keep your life’s priorities in order: Family, School, Baseball.  Be a student first and an athlete second.


    Ø  Understand that playing baseball is not a right, it is a privilege.  Carry yourself with class and dignity on the field, on campus, and in the community.


    Ø  If a student-athlete needs extra help from a teacher after school, he is excused to do so.  However, a note from the teacher must be presented to the coach at practice either that day or at the next practice, with expectations that the coaching staff will speak with that teacher.  Stay eligible.


    Ø  Remove all jewelry before practice and games.


    Ø  Choose your friends wisely. Guilt by association is a common occurrence.  Don’t let bad influences drag you down. Watch out for your teammates.


    Ø  Only be concerned with what you can control every day.


    Ø  Commit to the team and live up to your commitment.


    Ø  No Electronics during baseball activities.  TURN THEM OFF!


    Ø  Dress Code:  When the uniform is on it will be worn correctly and completely.  Hat straight forward, jersey tucked in, and belt showing.   





    Ø  Be on time!   In this program that means at least 10 minutes before you are expected.

                -If you are not 10 minutes early, you are late. Live by it

                -Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.


    Ø  Practice gear required:

                - Baseball pants, Long Sleeves, Hat, Cleats, Tennis shoes, Baseball glove, Cup


    Ø  Do everything at FULL SPEED and never walk on the field.


    Ø  Absence or tardiness must be cleared with your coach before noon (12:00) on any given day.

    You can reach Coach Pollack at 206-855-0481 or email spollack@bisd303.org


    Ø  Take pride in the grounds. Jobs will be assigned for the entire team. All players are responsible for field set-up and cleanup.  The team will not leave practice until jobs are finished.


    Ø  Unexcused absence = student-athlete is ineligible for next scheduled game; may participate in practices.  Multiple missed practices = student-athlete is ineligible for as many games as practices he missed; may participate in practices; he must meet with coaching staff to discuss his future with the team.


    Ø  Focus on the task at hand.  We don’t discuss school or life outside the game of baseball during practice. Give 2 hours of hard work!







    Ø  Attend school on game day in order to participate. If you are absent from school, you will not play.  This means going to all classes.


    Ø  Away games require arrival at school 15 minutes prior to leaving on the bus. Home games require players to be dressed and ready at least 45 min before game time. BE ON TIME


    Ø  Double check your bag before leaving home – make sure everything needed is accounted for. Sharing, missing or forgotten gear is not acceptable.


    Ø  Retaliation by elbowing, punching or pushing will not be tolerated. Negative comments to another player, coach, or an official will result in removal from game.


    Ø  When on the bench, be alert to the game. Be prepared, you may be called to fill in a needed position at any time.  Everyone on the bench is expected to know the situation at all times.


    Ø  Congratulate the other team after the game.  Win with class.  Lose with dignity.


    Ø  All clean-up duties must be completed before the team is excused from the field.


    Ø  All players must abide by district guidelines regarding bus conduct. Players are required to ride the bus to the game.  If they choose to ride back with their parents, parents must contact the coach either at the game or earlier in the day.


    Ø  All players will sprint on the field and off the field.


    Ø  One missed game = student-athlete is ineligible for next scheduled game; may participate in practices.  Multiple missed games = student-athlete is dismissed from team.






    1. Parents are not allowed in the dugout during practices or games, including taking photos.

     The players and coaches need to remain focused. Allowing a parent in the dugout can be a distraction and make it uncomfortable for the player whose parent is in the dugout.


    2. Please adhere to the 24-hour rule after games to meet with the coach.

    Coaches are more than willing to meet with parents, but please wait until 24 hours after a game to schedule or request a meeting. It will give us time to reflect on the win or loss rather than have to deal with concerns immediately. E-mailing the coaches the day after is the preferred way to go about communicating with the coaching staff.


    3. Playing time is non-negotiable.

    At the high school level, playing time will never be equal. The players need to compete each and every day for playing time. They need to understand that it is the coaching staff’s belief that every day is a tryout and they need to treat all practices and games as such. Playing time will never be addressed with a parent without the player having met with the coach first to discuss it.


    4. Please follow the Chain-of-Command

    The chain-of-command is as follows: 1) The Head Coach of your son’s team; 2) Program Head Coach David Smart; 3) Athletic Director Annette Duvall; 4) Assistant Principal Jake Haley; and 5) Principal Brent Peterson.


    5. The coaching staff will accommodate all parent-requested meetings. All meetings will include the Head Coach of the team your son is on and at least one other coach from the program. The player of the parent requesting the meeting will also be required to be in attendance at the meeting.  It is possible a school administrator will be present as well.

    The coaching staff recognizes that face-to-face meetings are sometimes requested. We feel that your son needs to be present at any requested meeting because the topic will more than likely be about him.


    6. The Head Coach of both his team and the program should be notified if a pitcher is attending private pitching lessons where throwing bullpens are a part of the lesson during the season.

    We recognize that many pitchers have private coaches, but arm problems can result from in-season lessons. These arm problems may also require the coaching staff to alter practice and game plans due to arm soreness following these private lessons. It is important for your son to take care of his arm and throwing lengthy bullpens outside of the baseball program in addition to the throwing requirements within the baseball program could possibly lead to future arm problems. If there is a desire to have a private lesson during the season, please contact the coach prior to the lesson.




    The following rules and disciplinary procedures have been put into place in order to maintain expectations and fairness in the program.  Bainbridge Island High School and Head Coach David Smart have the final say in these cases.  Issues with discipline may be brought up with Coach Smart, while an administrator is present.


    All athletes at Bainbridge Island High School have signed the Activity Code. Be aware of the consequences of your actions.  Hold each other accountable and look out for your teammates.



    I, __________________________________, have read, reviewed and discussed with my parent/guardian the above Bainbridge Island Spartan Baseball Program Expectations & Standards. By signing below, I acknowledge reviewing the standards and accept the terms.


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    *** Must be signed by player and a parent/guardian.  Return to Head Coach Simon Pollack***