Learning Strategies


    Middle and High School Levels - Woodward Middle, Eagle Harbor High and Bainbridge High Schools

    Learning Strategies is designed to provide specially designed instruction, as outlined in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), for example self-advocacy, transition, and effective study strategies such as test taking, note taking, essay writing, communication skills and organizational strategies. The goal of Learning Strategies is to teach students to become responsible, active participants in their educational program. Typically students enroll in Learning Strategies for one of their six periods and receive elective credit. In some cases students may need more support, and that can be arranged as part of the IEP. Each Learning Strategies class is staffed with a full-time teacher and para-educators.
    For information regarding Learning Strategies at Woodward Middle School, contact: 
    Jennifer Straughn
    For information regarding Learning Strategies at Bainbridge High School, contact:
    Katie Erickson
    For information regarding Learning Strategies at Eagle Harbor High School, contact: 
    Denise Corso