• A Little Bit More About Mrs. Queen 

    Because my name is Mrs. Queen, many students ask me if I live in a castle.  A few are shocked when they see me shopping at Town & Country Thriftway because they think my home is the art room at Wilkes.  One student asked, “Do you cook your food in the kiln, Mrs. Queen?”  The reality of my fairy tale is that I live in a house a few miles away from Wilkes Elementary with my husband, Steve, and two boys, Campbell and Daniel.  Cam and Dan attended Wilkes Elementary.
    I grew up in Yakima and spent summers in Colorado hiking and looking for rocks and fossils with my family.  My geologist/caver father taught me how to observe not only rocks, but also how to see the landscape above and below the earth.   I helped him sort mineral samples and create maps for USGS (United States Geological Survey), and didn’t realize at the time that this was actually great training for an art teacher.  My formal education includes a Bachelor’s degree in English from Colorado College, coursework in Museum Education at George Washington University and a teaching degree from University of Washington.  I’ve worked as an educator at Denver Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Pacific Science Center, and Museum of History and Industry.  But my greatest teachers are perhaps my two sons, who taught me a lot of what I know about children.  While I stayed at home with them, I also taught as an art docent and helped lead our district’s Art Docent Resource Center and Program. 
    Despite my lack of castle, I am incredibly fortunate to be teaching a subject I love to a wonderful group of individuals at Wilkes.  Fortunately the children provide me with enough drawings of dragons and castles that I continue to feel like a true Queen.