School Psychologists


    The school psychologist:

    • is specially trained in the fields of psychology and education to help students reach their full potential as students and as people.
    • helps all students including gifted students, underachievers, and those with disabilities make the most from their educational experiences.
    • identifies problems in students’ emotional health or academic performance, and in the way the school system meets students’ needs.
    • solves problems through direct contact with parents, teachers, and students, and recommends special programs or teaching methods.
    • helps schools and families create classroom and home environments best suited to the needs of the students
    Blakely Elementary School is served by Milo Zaneski
    Ordway Elementary School is served by Janice Petaja
    Wilkes Elementary School is served by Maria Kuffel
    Sakai Intermediate School is served by Janice Petaja
    Woodward Middle School is served by Susan Irish
    Bainbridge High School is served by Milo Zaneski 
    Commodore Options Program is served by Laurie Seaborne-Borda