2010 Technology Levy

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    In 2010, the Bainbridge Island community passed a 4-year, $5.275 million technology levy for modernizing school district technology and telecommunication technologies. With these proceeds, the Bainbridge Island School District is completing the following projects:
    • introduce assessment systems designed to monitor student learning and more efficiently tailor instruction to meet individual student needs,
    • maintain a district-wide 4:1 computer to student ratio,
    • provide science classrooms in grades 6-12 with a 2:1 computer to student ratio,
    • support grades 6-12 science curriculum with subject-specific software and hardware such as probeware and robotics applications,
    • install presentation stations that include a laptop computer, LCD projector, SMART board, and a document camera in all classrooms,
    • establish at least one computer lab in each school,
    • match assistive technologies to meet the special needs of students,
    • provide subscription-based online databases and learning resources for access at school and at home,
    • install a district-wide library system for management of resources and staff and student accounts,
    • upgrade district-wide Internet connectivity at all buildings, and
    • expand wireless connectivity in all schools.